Spring Bespoke Style Tips To Standout in the Crowd

Spring is here. And with the blooming flowers and rising temperatures comes brilliant style opportunities. Not only a chance to look your best but to embrace to style trends. By working with your tailor you can create a unique look and stand out amongst your peers. Too often, men follow the pack which leads to... Read More

World’s Best Bespoke Tailoring Cities

There will always be a debate on what shop makes the best Bespoke suits. Or what cut is the best. What fabric is the best. But there’s little debate in regards to what cities are the best destinations for the sartorial arts. From Italy to Vietnam, the world has embraced the Bespoke lifestyle in the last... Read More

9 Tailoring Terms Every Man Should Know

Getting your first suit made can be a bit intimidating. While a great tailor will take all the guess work out of your experience, it helps to know some basic terms about tailoring. Tailoring is a time-honored tradition that takes decades to master. With that commitment comes an entirely different language. Here are the most... Read More

Bangkok’s Hottest Cocktail Bars to Be Seen

The Modern Man’s Bespoke Lifestyle goes beyond his wardrobe. It’s about attitude and substance. About seeing life and being seen. And Bangkok’s is the perfect place to be seen. Providing you with some of Asia’s best cocktail bar experiences. From beautiful patrons to world-class signature drinks, these are the places to be seen in Bangkok’s Cocktail... Read More

The Modern Man’s Suit Selection Guide

Every suit or look has it’s function. From the Tuxedo to Chinos, there’s a time and place for every look. And it’s important to choose the right look at the right time. But when you’re putting together your Bespoke wardrobe, what suits work for what occasion? Does weather matter? What about event type? Here we... Read More

The Best Watch For Your Bespoke Wardrobe

Watch collecting has been a long-standing elite hobby. Reaching the highest points of politics and royalty, watch collecting is and will continue to be a sign of style and class. But what if you aren’t British royalty or a best-selling musician? Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you that there’s hope for us normal folks... Read More

The Modern Man’s Wardrobe Essentials

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How To Choose Your Bespoke Tailor

From the glitz and glamor of Seville Row in London, to the chaotic streets of Hanoi. The world has no shortage of tailor shops. So, for anyone looking to have a Bespoke suit made, it can be daunting. Who to trust, what to look for, how much to pay? All valid questions. And not easily... Read More

The Romance of Bangkok: How to Spend A Romantic Weekend in Bangkok

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Essential Accessories Every Man Needs for a Bespoke Look

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