Caring for your Suit


Each of our suits is made from quality Merino wool, and designed to be durable, comfortable, and wear well.

Here are some useful tips to help you get the most out of your Ravi Sehgal Bespoke suit:

  • Our suits are made from 100% Merino wool. This type of wool will naturally reduce creases in the fabric if you let it hang in a warm, humid place such as a bathroom. Take care not to let the suit get wet though
  • After using your suit for a day, allow your suit to rest if possible
  • Any spills or stains should be blotted as soon as possible using tissue. Do not rub the stained area to try and clean it
  • To clean lint and dirt from your suit, use a natural fiber brush, or better, an adhesive lint removal roll
  • Use only a quality dry cleaning service. Try to avoid excessive dry cleaning.
  • Be sure to dry clean your suit before long term storage. Any small food or beverage stains can attract insects that may damage your suit
  • Always hang your suit properly from a hangar, if possible in a breathable garment bag. A garment bag will protect your suit from moths and other insects that may damage it
  • Avoid putting too many items in your pockets, this can stretch the fabric
  • Always unbutton your suit jacket before you sit down