The Ravi Sehgal Experience


A suit or shirt from Ravi Sehgal Bespoke is more than just a garment to us, each one is part of our heritage. Stitch by stitch, we’ve grown from a small fabric shop into an international business, but the key to our success has never changed. We listen to your needs, and take the time to craft a unique garment perfectly suited to you.

Our goal is to let you take pride in your attire and appearance, to make a statement with a wardrobe that compliments your personality.

Ravi Sehgal Bespoke was one of the very first companies to become part of the bustling tailor market of Bangkok that you can see around you today. We were pioneers, playing a hand building the industry that others can only emulate. For over 30 years, we’ve set the benchmark for the tailoring industry in Bangkok.

At Ravi Sehgal Bespoke, you can finally stop compromising and start customizing.