Our Fabrics

We pride ourselves in offering quality fabrics at each of our branches. All of our suits are made from merino wool and available with half or full canvas. Our shirts are made only from 100% natural cotton or linen. We offer a very large selection of fabrics that can be viewed by clicking on any of the categories below.

We can also offer imported luxury fabrics such as Dormeuil, Scabal, and Loro Piana. In these cases, we will always include the branded label of authenticity from the manufacturer.

The secret to Merino wool’s success lies in its exceptionally fine fibres, which make it the softest wool available.

Being so extremely fine, they are able to bend far more than other coarser wool fibres. It also has higher elasticity that helps prevent garments made with Merino wool from losing their shape

Linen is cloth woven from, or yarn spun from the flax fibre, which was grown in Ireland for many years before advanced agricultural methods and more suitable climate led to the concentration of quality flax cultivation in Northern Europe (Most of the world crop of quality flax is now grown in Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands).

Twill is a soft, pliable fabric made from cotton. It’s tight weave allows it to drape better than most fabrics, and allows a high thread count, resulting in a durable fabric more resistant to wear and inclement weather.

The texture of twill acts to hide soil and stains more than plain-woven fabric, making twill a popular weave for work clothing.

120 Double is a cotton fabric with a high thread count where each thread in the fabric is made out of 2 thinner threads twisted around each other. The result is a fabric that is both softer and more durable.

All other things being equal, higher thread count results in a smoother, silkier fabric.

80 Double is a 2-ply fabric, meaning each thread consists of 2 intertwined smaller threads, producing a superior quality fabric. It has a high thread count, although lower than 120 Double, resulting in a heavier fabric with a different look and feel.
LA Silky is a superior quality single-ply fabric. It is especially easy to care for, as it is wrinkle resistant and easy to iron. It has a high thread count, equivalent to an 80-double fabric, ensuring that it wears well. LA Silky fabrics emphasize colors and block patterns unlike fabrics like DBC that focus on textured weaves.
Made only from 100% natural fibers, DBC is a single-ply, high thread count fabric. It is similar to our LA Silky fabrics, but with an emphasis on white fabrics that are textured with different weaving patterns. It is wrinkle resistant and easy to iron.


In addition to the above fabrics, we also carry international brands of luxury fabrics. Any garment made with these fabrics will include a label of authenticity from the mill.