Bespoke Suits

All of our high end fabrics come with a label of authenticity.

We also offer our own Ravi Sehgal Bespoke range which offers quality fabrics at a competitive price.

Fabric Choices


By default, all Ravi Sehgal Bespoke suits are half-canvas suits. This means that they have canvas sewn in the chest and the lapel of the jacket to allow the suit to drape properly and fit the contours of your body.

Upon client request, an option of full-canvas is available. This means that canvas is sewn into the suit in all places, which is a longer and more labor intensive process.

Cheaper suits use fused fabric for the whole suit body. This results in a less durable suit that won’t last; the glue holding it together begins to separate with time. We do not offer this kind of suit.


All our suits are made with Bemberg lining. Bemberg is the best form of lining available as it breathes and wears well, and has a silky, comfortable texture.


We also provide natural horn buttons as standard. These enhance the overall look of your suit, and is a finishing touch that is sure to set it apart.


All Ravi Sehgal Bespoke suits are fully customizable and all the finer details can be tuned to your preference.

Jacket Customizations


2 Button Notch Lapel

2 Button Peak Lapel

3 Button Notch Lapel

Double Breasted 1 Button

Double Breasted 2 Button


Center Vent

No Vent

Side Vents

Pant Customizations


Single Pleat

Double Pleat

Triple Pleat

No Pleat


Back Pocket

No Back Pocket


With Cuffs

No Cuffs

Customer Protection Policy

Ravi Sehgal Bespoke will fix or replace any clothing with workmanship or fitting flaws. Our policies are as follows:

  • If you’re not satisfied with the fit, bring it back in the first week and we’ll make any reasonable adjustments free of charge.
  • If there‚Äôs any defect in our workmanship, return the garment to us within a week and we will mend or replace it as appropriate. If your travel plans make this impractical, we will ship it to you free of charge.

Our goal is to craft you clothes that feel and look great. If you need to bring something to our attention, please contact us right away. The above policies apply to local customers. Our customer satisfaction policies for international orders can be found here.


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